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The Monday Herd | Pedal to the Metal

We are firing on all cylinders, full bore, full throttle.  I literally can’t believe that this Friday is going to be April already.  Seriously, where has this year gone?  I suppose I can’t be that unruly about that because so far 2011 has been pretty rad so far.  We’ve got a few things in the works and have been working with some new volunteer organizations which has been awesome!

This Monday Herd is all about filling you guys in on some new exciting stuff, some new news going on with us and some tying up of some loose ends.  First off in about two months, May, my brother will be graduating from college which is mind blowing for me.  He has and always will be my younger brother but to think that he is graduating is crazy.  Crazy is such a copout adjective but it’s hard to comprehend that he is graduating.  It almost feels like he is becoming less of my younger brother and more of just my brother, not that it’s a bad thing!  Nonetheless, you can’t just wrap some silly bought product up and give it to your only brother for graduating… about cheese-tastic.  Instead Team Foster is going out west for 18 days.  Packing up the car, and seeing what the greatest country in the world has to offer.  It’s going to be so solid!  We leave June 17th and we’ll be back on June 3rd. . . . the count down begins.  So if you guys have any suggestions of stuff we should see/ things to visit, please by all means let us know!!

We are also currently booked up all through June, which I am super psyched about, however I still want to meet your pet too!!  So please, please, if you are interested or thinking about a session: Book!!  Just a friendly reminder:)

Oh and I am sure many of you are familiar with Nikki and for those of you who are not, we shoot weddings together and more specifically I am her associate for weddings.  Well she is getting a new addition to the family this week!!  The four legged kind!  So exciting, I am sure you’ll be seeing head and tails of that new fam member in the near future!

Sorry for the short Herd today and lack of pictures…….. we’ll make up for it next week!

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Little Dog Sneak Peak | CT Dog Photography

I am sure you can probably guess what his breed is, but his name?

Hint: A member of nobility

CT dog photography

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Tom - March 23, 2011 - 6:58 pm

My main man!

tom - March 23, 2011 - 6:58 pm


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The Monday Herd | Rescue Me

To have a choice is a rather undervalued commodity and something very few dogs get, they don’t have a voice in who takes them home, where they get to live, or how they get treated.  In some cases, more often then any of us would like, a dog gets the short end of the stick….. no pun intended.  They are at the mercy of whomever decides to take on the responsibility of owning a pet or lack there of.  It kills me to see how some of these dogs are treated   They can’t speak up, they can’t just pack up their things and leave, they can’t get their own place and move out, and they can’t get a job to feed themselves.  However they can give you an unlimited amount of love, they can give you a wagging tail at the end of a crummy day and they can give you their unconditional companionship.  What more could you ask for?  They’ll never judge, steal or hurt you.  Their sole mission in life is to make you happy.

Thank god there are people out there that dedicate their time, their own personal time to help these dogs; these dogs are just looking to find that one home that will allow them to give so selflessly.  I was contacted by some volunteers from P.O.A, Protectors of Animals and asked if I could help out and photograph some of the dogs that need to find a home.  Damn right I’ll help out!  There is no better feeling then knowing you have helped find a home for a rescue.  So thank you very much Ashley and Jordan for a) finding me and b) asking me to help out!  You guys rock!

From their site:

POA is run entirely by dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers provide the administrative support for the organization, foster homeless animals, provide medical care for the shelter animals, return inquiries from the general public and represent POA at events. The frontline work is performed by the people who rescue animals that have been abandoned. They facilitate veterinary care, administer medication, groom, and socialize the animals. Most important, they offer love, patience, and understanding that give a fearful animal the ability to trust people again. This hands-on approach is a big reason why POA animals make such great pets.

And for those so inclined be sure to ‘like’ em on Facebook!

In order of appearance:

Cooper, Jax, Petie, Sophie.

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[...] been pretty rad so far.  We’ve got a few things in the works and have been working with some new volunteer organizations which has been [...]