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Power of the Ridge | Collaborating Artists

For me it’s amazing what comes when you put what you love out in the world.  In this case it’s my love of images and one insane Rhodesian.  In Natalya’s case it’s her love of art, watercolors, acrylics, ink, collages and yes, one Rhodesian Ridgeback, Oscar.

It all began with a comment Natalya left on one of my blog posts and for those who don’t know, when you leave a comment you have the option of also making your name a hyperlink to your website/blog/what-have-you.  Well as you may have guessed Natalya created a hyperlink where I found Oscar ate my muffin.

This is where I discovered as Natalya put it, in her collaborating blog post, her muse.  Oscar.

It’s funny how the breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks have that special something about them.  They seem to be elusive enough where you don’t see them everyday, but when you do come across them you know immediately.   After spending a few hours on her blog and website there was no doubt in my mind that I had to meet Oscar + Natalya.  A few emails later I was meeting up with the two in Cambridge for a quick shoot and to hash out some ideas for this very blog post..  It’s not everyday you stumble upon someone who not only has a ridgeback but has also incorporates them into their own artistic endeavors.

What I do, is let pictures do the talking.  Since I can’t explain the extent of Natalya’s awesomeness I’ll let one of her illustrations do the talking for me.  She had full reign over my images and to use whatever tickled her fancy.  Here is the final product.

I was over the moon; ear to ear smiles for this guy!

Natalya Zahn

Absolutely awesome.

This is Natalya and Oscar.

This is where Natalya and Oscar work.

Dog photography
Dog photography

Natalya embodies so many different types of mediums and is unbelievably phenomenal at all of them that any attempt at describing it would fall short.  Her work has been featured in National Geographic as well as the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  This is where I encourage you, Nay!  Tell you to a) Check out her wonderful portfolio, b) check out her awesome blog c) head on over to Oscar’s blog to read her accompanying blog post.  There you will find MORE images of Sir Oscar from my little visit.

These are Oscar’s wrinkles.  The stamp of a true Rhodie.



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[...] stemmed from a comment on my blog, to us meeting up for a little collaboration, then to a cross blog post  and then to [...]

The Monday Herd | Editorial Dog Photography

We wanted to do a little show and tell this Monday morning and show off an editorial shoot we did for Fairfield Magazine!

There isn’t anything wrong with ‘tooting our own horns’ right?

Fairfield Magazine approached us and asked if we were interested in photographing a few people for a story they were running about people and their pets.

Of course we said yes!  They were so thrilled with the images that we also made the cover.  We are pretty stoked.

We had a blast with the shoot!  Check out the spreads below, and if you live close to Fairfield don’t be afraid to pick up one of the magazines yourself!

Have a rad Monday!

editorial dog photography
editorial dog photography
editorial dog photography

Below, the only image that is ours is the family.

editorial dog photography

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Eileen Goggin - October 22, 2012 - 11:16 am

Congrats Ty! Stu just let me know the exciting news. The picts are awesome. I am so happy for you.

Ty - October 23, 2012 - 11:37 am

Thanks Eileen! We are pretty stoked as well!

Help Us Help You | Connecticut Dog Photography

I am unsure how many of you watch the market, well Facebook isn’t doing that grand. . . .

As of a result they have changed the algorithms around for business Facebook pages to try and generate more revenue, which means they want us to use their promotional tools.

I am sure some of you have missed out on a few of our facebook posts because of it.

So here is a little trick so that you don’t miss anymore:


1. Click on my page from your computer (it wont work from your mobile)

2. On the right hand side on the page next to the “like” button, there is a drop down box….

3. Click on that drop down box and click on the “add to interest list”


Help us promote your pooch, it takes 2 seconds!

oh! and stay tuned for more of London below.


connecticut pet photography

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The Monday Herd | Liver Disease

This is a difficult post to write, but I believe it’s an important one and hopefully will supply you with plenty of information.

Karen, who just recently had a session with her husband and a few friends just informed me that Eva has been diagnosed with liver disease.

If you look at her session, Eva is the absolute sweetheart in the first image.

Below are several links that provide a whole host of information.  In addition to those links you can download Eva’s diagnosis that throughly explains her specific condition as well as other general information about liver disease.  She forwarded the diagnosis in hopes that it may help someone who might also face the same hardship in the future.

Karen our thoughts and prayers are with you and Eva.  If there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Liver Disease Overview

Liver Disease and Liver Failure in Dogs

Treatment Options

ty foster photography

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