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How long does a typically session last?

Well that all depends on your pet.  I take plenty of time getting to know them and letting them get comfortable; generally a session usually lasts between 1-2 hours.

Can we have a session last more than 2 hours?

You most certainly can

Where do sessions take place?

Anywhere!  We can go to the park, we can go for a walk, or we can just stay at the house.  Wherever your pet likes it the best is where we can set up the session.

My dog loves being active such as hiking, mt biking, swimming, can we do a session like this?

Are you kidding me, of course we can!  Whatever your pet loves best!

Why on earth would I want professional photos of my pet?

Why on earth wouldn’t you want professional photos done?  If you are reading this your pet is probably more than just a pet; they are part of the family.  Not only is the shoot itself fun, but you will end up with high quality prints that will last a life time.

Do you have a studio, can I have studio portraits done of my pet?

Nope!  My goal is to capture your pet as organically as possible with natural lighting.  I like to photograph dogs in their natural environment, where they are comfortable.   What’s more comfortable than their bed, their home or their favorite spot at the park where they can roll around in the smelly stuff.  That’s what I am about, no doggie school portraits here.

Is there anything we should do before the session?

Yup!  A good brushing, get all that loose fur out.  Also a quick walk or even a bit of horseplay before hand helps burn off some of that extra energy

I don’t live in CT, but I would love to set up a session, do you travel?

I certainly do!  You should contact me if you have the same question!