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The Monday Herd | Ct Pet photography

I suggest, well I encourage you with a lot of encouragement(ha! like that?) to listen to Led Zeppelin’s ‘When the Levee Breaks’ at a volume that dosen’t encourage sleep or relaxation……after all the song is about a gnarly storm and levee breaking.  It’s not meant to be quiet…… BLARE THAT PUPPY!

So onto The Monday Herd, I think I am going to make this an ongoing theme, ya know every Monday.  I figure most of you hate Mondays, love coming home from work on Monday and are tired of hearing… “Hi (insert your name)… we need to talk about your TPS reports”.  So what better to brighten your Monday then read The Monday Herd.  Nobody wants a case of ‘the mondays’ and if ya got em, well hopefully I got the remedy.    So The Monday Herd, will be a short blurb about an awesome song, or an awesome something and a little slice of life of what’s goin on with the…………………… you guessed it!  The Herd!

So we covered the sick-nasty song of the week up above.  Now onto the wild ones. (at this point I have already wrestled with Tech twice and listened to LZ 4 times, on repeat, incase you where wondering.)

I have a queen sized bed, It’s an ample size for me, I am not jolly green giant by any standard, but I do like a good size bed.  Tech likes the bed too.   Take a queen size, divide by two (oh well it’s still pretty big!  Yea keep reading)   Ok, now divide in two again, and, again.  Now this is the size of the bed I woke up on this morning.  4 pillars of doggie gristle and paws pushing into me.  He had almost taken over the entire bed.  So anyways (this was totally not planned) I opened my eyes and thought “oh yes finally there is some sun today” and who do I see staring right back at me.  Tech.  His head was on a pillow, just hangin out.  Now just imagine this, You wake up on a literal sliver of bed and you see these huge dough eyes staring at you saying ” HI!  GOOD MORNING! I AM ON THE BED TOO!”  You could hear his little, well big tail wagging. ……….. This Monday was awesome.

Went downstairs, Jake was still sleeping; I ate crispix(which rule by the way) and Tech helped clean dishes.

The Monday Herd.. (sorry I wrote a lot)

Crispix, The Monday Herd
The Monday Herd, Tech

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Julie - April 19, 2010 - 8:20 am

The Monday Herd. I like!

claire - April 23, 2010 - 12:14 pm

that last shot made me smile because roux and i have this morning routine where i make cereal, check my email while i eat it, the whole time she’s sitting there just watching me….because she knows that when i’m finished she always licks the bowl. it’s cute.

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