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The Monday Herd | Trooper Tech and the Cave

This winter has been brutal.  I was trying to find an eloquent way of phrasing that, but there just is no way.  Old man winter has been especially ornery; even that seems like I am being to polite.  Old man winter is being a down right bastard, a cold hearted bastard.  We are being pummeled with snow and I have been trying to just ignore it for the past few weeks, ya know kinda just going along with it.  ‘Yea, yea there is snow outside no biggie, what was that you were saying” kind of going with it.  But after trying to pull out of every parking lot, every driveway, and trying to make a simple left or right turn has now become impossible it is tough to just go along with it.

According to Wikipedia the state of Connecticut, on average, gets between 25-100 inches of snow.  Now that doesn’t seem to accurate, it’s more like the person who wrote that portion of the wiki had no real idea on how much snow Connecticut actually gets.  Now to be fair, I have no clue what the average snow fall is either, but I can certainly tell you that the 24 years I have been alive it’s been more like an average of 15-30 inches of snow.  And none of that snow has stayed accumulated on the ground all at once, except for maybe in ’92 when we got hit pretty good.  This year alone we are somewhere around 48 inches of snow and it has all stayed around to pile up.

A tired and beat down person once said, ‘If you can’t beat them, join ‘em’.  And join ‘em we have, Tech and I spent two days building ‘The Hatch'(shout out to all you LOST fans).  We initially had called it Fort Awesome.  But the more we built it the more we realized it was less of a fort and more of a cave since a good portion of the structure was underground(snow level that is), and since I am a little nostalgic when it comes to LOST we opted for The Hatch instead of The Cave.  Either way pictures below.

Tech also underwent a bit of surgery where he had a canine tooth extracted.  The exposed part of the tooth has snapped off so they went in and removed the rest so it wouldn’t get infected.  He is standing right next to me as I write this, higher than Cheech Maron and whining his brains out because, according to the vet, when a dog is all doped up he whines to try and express how ‘out there’ he is.  Well he is explaining up a storm, he is also falling asleep standing up, walking into a few walls and has lost all normal rationale.  It reminds me of the video of david after the dentist.  Tech after the Vet.

Anyhu, enough jibber jabber, i’ll let you check out our sweet cave…..Mother nature was a bit brutal on it and we lost about 7 inches of headroom by time I got around to taking pictures…..don’t judge!

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Kathy - February 9, 2011 - 9:27 pm

I love the pictures!!! This was an awesome idea. You should share them with Channel 3!

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